Here Are 5 Methods To Remove Chocolate Stains From The Carpet

It might be possible that chocolate melts or squashes on the carpet and can make a mess and stain easily. The stains of chocolate might look dark on the carpet and leave a mark if you don’t pay attention. So take immediate action to Remove Chocolate Stains from the Carpet because the longer stain sits on the carpet, the more difficult it becomes to remove. 

Remove Chocolate Stains from the Carpet
Remove Chocolate Stains from the Carpet

Here are the methods to remove the chocolate stains:-

  • Scrape it off carefully

If the temperature is higher than chocolate melts quickly and at low temperature, it quickly solidifies. The melted chocolate may ruin the carpet fibers. So if there are chocolate stains on your carpet then scrape them off with a gentle carpet cleaning method. This method will not remove the stain completely but the stain becomes less thick and easy to handle. The chocolate won’t spread and cause a large stain if the carpet gets exposed to a higher temperature. 

  • Vacuum the carpet

Once you successfully scarp all excess liquid then pick a small piece of chocolate with the help of a vacuum. If you start picking the pieces with a hand then you might not get the best results. So one of the best solutions is to use a strong vacuum to suck up all the chocolate pieces. 

  • Hot water soak

As we know chocolate melts at high temperatures so if you want to re-melt the chocolate stains then soak them in hot water. This is the best and easy way to weaken the staining ability which sticks onto the carpet. Then with the help of a brush remove all the mess from the carpet.

  • Try bleach and detergent

If you are unable to remove the stain with hot water soak then use bleach and detergent. It has been found that bleach is effective to remove tough stains and also remove color pigments in carpet fibers. Make sure that your carpet is not colorfast before using any bleach-based product. 

  • Try carpet stain remover 

Another best way to remove the stains from the carpet is to use a paper towel. Mix cold water with a stain remover and soak a paper towel into it. It’s highly recommended to use a stain remover on a hidden area of the fabric before you apply it to the whole carpet. Repeat the process several times and each time squeeze excess water and soap paper towel in more stain remover solution. Wait for some time once you leave the solution on the stain. So once you get the area properly cleaned and free of chocolate blot it dry.  


If these chocolate stain removal techniques will not work then hire a professional carpet cleaning company. They help you to remove the toughest carpet stains with the best techniques. Never choose the wrong chemicals on the carpet to remove stains as this may damage the carpet fibers. Also never allow the products to sit on carpet fibers for a long period of time.